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plastic little spastic!
— the plastics.

first timer.

 hiii, im nicole, you can call me nic! my friends do. well a stay in kirkcaldy in scotland and iv just went into my last year of high school! which i find incredibly awesome but scary at the same time as i only have one year left but then i have to leave and enter the big bad scary world al on my own. scary huh?!

well anyway lifes pritty awesome just now, part from all my exams which i am sitting at the mo. business management tomorow, wish me luck:]! i love my family. gary bernard<3! - it’s complicated but i am very much in love with him.
my friends are great beyond great![weer plastics apparently] - funny story.. but to cut it short the 1st years at my school call our group the PLASTICS! know from the film mean girls with lindsay lohan. well anyways yeah that film. and i find it extremely hilarious although i dont think im that fake :O “to be honest" haaa

you will begin to notice i am a bit weird but i blame it completely on my friends! they are a crazy bunch!

well anyway im away for today, kkeep you posted!

luv nic x0

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im a bit of a poser 8-)!

im a bit of a poser 8-)!